Students of instrument courses:

Registration fee: € 125

Participation fee: € 300

Chamber Music:

Registration fee (including membership card): € 75

Constituted groups: Participation fee: € 150 per group member

Single instrumentalists: Participation fee: € 200


Fee valid for the entire period of Garda Lake Music Festival 2022: € 175 



Refunds will be provided only if the organization is forced to cancel the course for reasons beyond the student's control.

The payment of the attendance fee can be made by bank transfer, indicating the name of the student and the chosen course, or on site at the Festival Secretariat on the first day of arrival (checks or credit cards are not accepted).

The courses are open to instrumentalists of all nationalities without age limits. 

Masterclasses are scheduled according to the following calendar and norms.



Students are distinguished in effective and auditors. The courses will be activated with a minimum of 8 students.

Each teacher guarantees 3 lessons for student  the duration of about an hour, and the schedules will be established by each teacher according to the needs of each class.


The interested parties are required to indicate clearly in the registration form the date of arrival and departure expected, in the absence of information in this regard, the lessons assigned by the secretariat and not carried out can not be recovered or refunded.
Interested parties must communicate at the time of registration (using the spaces in the registration form or with an attachment) the repertoire they intend to present. Students are required to bring scores, parts and piano reductions of the pieces they intend to play. Students are encouraged to email copies of parts for piano collaborators.



Attendance to the courses is subject to the teacher's assessment following viewing of the video which must be sent no later than the registration deadline: June 20, 2022. (max 10 minutes, free program, YouTube link).
The teacher's judgment for admission is final and unappealable.
Students who participate in one of the specialization courses can attend, as auditors, the lessons of any other teacher free of charge.

Non-admitted students may participate in courses as auditors. Auditors will have access to all courses.
Classes will be held in presence; each member is entitled to a minimum of 3 lessons. At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued to students who have attended all the lessons.

However, Teachers reserve the right to accept requests for any online lessons. 

During the courses, the students are responsible for their safety and for their instrument: the Festival will not be liable for the damage of proprety or person.

Student concerts

During the period of the courses, several concerts will be organized, some of which will be reserved for students, and will be chosen at the sole discretion of the teachers. All students will be required to wear concert dress.

Concert of the best students

During the duration of their course, the teachers of the Viola, Cello, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Harp courses will select the best student in their class for a recital of about an hour within the Festival.



The Festival will consider awarding scholarships worth 400€ to the best student in each course.

In addition, from this year, there is the "Beatrice Milani" Scholarship (1000€) reserved for students of violin classes.

Chamber Music

The Chamber Music course is open to constituted groups or single instrumentalists:

constituted groups: each group is entitled to 4 individual lessons with Avos Project Chamber Music teachers or with others who will take part in the Festival;
single instrumentalists: participation is open to pianists, string and wind instrumentalists; the course will consist of inclusion in mixed chamber groups (teachers/students) that will take part in the concerts of the Festival. In order to be admitted it will be necessary to send a pre-selection video of at least 5 minutes. Parts of the pieces will be submitted by June 15, 2022.


Rules for the stay of foreigners in Italy

For medical assistance, based on international agreements, foreign students from European Community countries are required to provide the E/111 form. Students from non-EU countries must present their health insurance to the Secretariat.



It is possible to enroll via internet by filling in the online form available on this website.
The application will be considered valid only if it is complete in all its parts, including a copy of the payment of the registration fee, a detailed curriculum vitae and a link to a video recording of your own performance.

Closing date for registration: June 20, 2022.


Attachments to the application form

You can email the scores for the piano accompanist that you intend to use during the course.



Shooting images, audio and video

By registering for the course, the participant gives his or her consent to filming and radio and television broadcasts, to filming of images, audio and video made during the lessons, rehearsals and concerts of the Garda Lake Master Festival, carried out by the organizer itself or by persons or institutions in charge. In particular, the participant assigns to the organization all rights to the filming of images, audio and video for any use in relation to the event. The organization reserves the right to use images, audio and video recordings for promotion in connection with this event or future events, or to publish the audio and video recordings for demonstration and promotional purposes.

Regulation acceptance

Enrollment in the courses implies full acceptance of these Regulations. In case of dispute, the Rules and Regulations in Italian language are legally valid. Legal action is excluded.

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