Friends of Music - Desenzano del Garda

Friends of Music - Desenzano del Garda

The Association Friends of Music of Desenzano del Garda was founded on January 31, 1981 by a group of friends who were passionate about classical music and opera in the city of Desenzano del Garda.

In the statute it is explicitly written:
"The Association is a free educational, cultural, charitable and apolitical institution that aims to promote music through record auditions, concerts, competitions and public debates. The aims will be pursued through artistic events of a musical nature in order to give, to those who love music, the spiritual enjoyment and the opportunity to meet people with the same passion and through the promotion and implementation of any initiative of a technical-musical-cultural nature, also intervening actively with the local authorities in order to stimulate their actions in support of the programs that the Association will carry out.

The first president who remained in office until 2001 was the late Pier Giorgio Zanetti, who was also one of the founding members.
Since the first year the number of enrollments reached 400 units and began the transfers to the nearest theaters (Arena di Verona, Teatro Grande in Brescia, Teatro Ponchielli in Cremona etc.).
The Association involved the municipal administration of the time to organize a first musical review (opera concerts) that immediately obtained great success.
Over the years the Association, in collaboration with the various administrations has always collaborated to organize concerts of various kinds (classical and opera).
Since 2001 Franco Masseroni has become president and is still in charge.
The propaganda of musical culture has always been at the center of the Association's activities with countless trips to various theaters (including trips to France and England) always preceded by listening guides on the music that each time was going to listen.
For some years, listening guides have been organized on musical periods, on specific composers that have always had a large participation.
For years, the Association has been collaborating with the University of the Third Age of Brescia (managed by the Lions' 108IB2 district); it collaborates with the University of Garda (held in Desenzano), always offering musical "lessons".
In recent years, the Association has prepared and personally supervised the Concert Seasons of the city of Desenzano proposing an average of eight concerts per year involving many great musicians (Alessandro Carbonare, Marco Rizzi, Andrea Lucchesini, the Mantua Chamber Orchestra, Umberto Benedetti Michelangeli, Alexander Lonquich and many others).
The Concert Seasons drafted and prepared with the Municipal Administration have always met with great success.
Currently, the Association still has over 200 members who always follow with extreme attention the activities promoted.

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Associazione Amici della musica di Desenzano del Garda
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